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Pro-Data+ Software is compatible with all products listed below.

Tech Tip - USB Connections

For MEFI Fuel Injection USB Adapter click here

Users running Vista Operating System please read:
Not all USB to Serial Converter are Vista compatible. Make sure to specify that the USB to Serial Converter is "Vista" compatible. This USB to Serial Converter will plug up to a "Vista" operating system and work without loading any drivers! Also, you can use "Virtual PC" if you are having problems running MSD Ignition software as an alternative.
Here is the link:
Microsoft Virtual PC

Today you’re hard pressed to find a laptop or notebook computer with an RS232 / DB 9 pin connector or Serial connection. Most all computer manufactures have made the move to USB connections varying from one to as many as 5 USB connectors.

One would assume these connection ports would be an easy “plug and play” connection unfortunately they NOT. Some of these adapter cables “USB to 9 pin / RS232” fall short of simply making the connection or keeping the adapter cable “awake”. In some cases if the adapter cable goes to “Sleep” or “hibernates” a complete shut down and restart of the computer is necessary. To date we have found an adapter cable that just simply works and does NOT require any Software or drivers to run it, just plug it in.

The adapter cable is available from “IOGEAR” part number is GUC232A
IOGEAR calls it a “USB to Serial / PDA Converter Cable”

  • Programmable Launch RPM Controller PN 75611
  • DPI- Digital Propane Injection, All PNs
  • KONI Shock Controller, PN 1290001
  • MSD Ignition Controller for LS1/LS6, PN 6010
  • MSD Digital 7 Programmable Ignition
    w/TCD and Data Acquisition , PN 75301
  • MSD Digital 7 Programmable Ignition, PN 7530T
  • MSD Digital 7 Programmable Plus, PN 7531
  • MSD Digital 7 Programmable Plus, PN 75314 (4 Cyl.)
  • MSD Digital 7 Prog. w/Boost Retard, PN 7535
  • MSD Midget DIS-2 Programmable Ignition, PN 6214
  • MSD DIS-2 Programmable Ignition, PN 6212
  • MSD Programmable Trans Shifter, PN 7559
  • MSD Programmable 5 Stage Delay Timer, PN 7560
  • MSD Multi-Channel Boost Reatrd, PN 6562
  • MSD Multi-Channel Boost Retard/Fuel Adder, PN 6563
  • MSD Multi-Function Ignition Controller w/Boost, PN 8977
  • MSD Multi-Function Ignition Controller, PN 8979
  • MSD Pro Mag Prog. Timing Control, PN 8973
  • MSD Harley Nitro Ignition, PN 4215
  • MSD Programmable Launch Rev Limiter, PN 7561
  • MSD CPC Ignition System, PN 7600


MSD GraphView Demo
For more details on how to program the MSD Digital-7 Programmable Ignition using the MSD GraphView software package click on the icon below. The GraphView Demo is a PDF file which will take approximately 5 minutes to download on a 28.8 modem. Once downloaded you will be able to scroll through the step by step instructions on how to use the GraphView software.

PDFMSD GraphView PDF Demo

Adobe Acrobat You will need Acrobat Reader to view files, download it here.

Calibration Software
for Lazer Guages

Download V1.03



now available: version 3.18
MSD Pro-Data + Software

MSD Pro-Data+ Software Version 3.18
12 MB For use on Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP, 2000 and Vista.

Once downloaded, click on the Windows Start button and then click on Run. Select the directory where the prodata313.exe for MSD Pro-Data Plus was downloaded and click OK to begin installing the MSD Pro-Data Plus. The Pro-Data and GraphView are automatically placed on your desktop screen. Double click the GraphView icon to open the GraphView program. The first time the Pro-Data Plus program is executed you will be prompted to select a com port from the choices given.

Pro-Data+ for Powersports

MSD Pro-Data+ Software Download for MSD
Powersports digital programmable products.


Graph View Software
MSD GraphSave Software Version 1.02
1 MB
For use on Windows 9x, ME, NT, XP, 2000 and Vista.

Graph View Software
MSD GraphSave Software Version 1.08

GraphSave is a windows based application used to view, modify and save user data for all MSD digital programmable products transferred from the hand held 7570 Graphic Editor via the serial port. A mouse is required to fully apply all features and functionality of the GraphSave Software.




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