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  • Program the timing in relation to boost pressure from your laptop.
  • Select a different rpm for your shift light for every gear.
  • Adjust the timing of each cylinder - no more compromising.
  • Pull timing out during the launch to prevent tire spin.

The Pro-Data+ software can be used with any PC running Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, or XP. It is available on a 3.5 floppy or can be downloaded through the MSD Ignition website here.

User Instructions Adobe PDFMSD PN 6562-6563

Multi-Channel Boost Retard Controls

For DIS engines receiving turbo and supercharger upgrades, the MSD Multi-Channel Boost Retard Controls are the answer for total timing control! These systems are designed for distributorless ignition systems that are already equipped with an MSD DIS-4 Ignition system. These Controls let you program a variety of performance and consistency improvements along with the ability to control the ignition timing in relation to the boost pressure. When air is being forced into the engine damaging detonation becomes a concern. These Controllers let you easily retard the timing as pressure increases to prevent detonation from occurring while performance improves.
Other features that you can program include rpm shift light points, timing retard steps for each shift or in times of nitrous shots and a launch retard. Being able to pull timing out during the launch will help compensate for altering track conditions. If you have more power than tire, removing some timing will help "soften" the initial hit of power and prevent tire spin. With the MSD you can control how much retard is activated and the amount of time it takes (up to 2.5 seconds) until the timing is back to the run curve! By adding a sync pickup you can also control the timing of each cylinder. Being able to control the timing of each cylinder will save you from having to compromise the ignition timing in the rest of the cylinders.
MSD offers a Universal Cam Sync Kit, PN 2346, that you install to sync with the number one cylinder so the ignition knows which cylinder is firing (sold separately). Programming all of these features is easy with the MSD Pro-Data+ software from your laptop. This is a Windows based program that features a plotted rpm/timing chart (and boost) for the entire run. There is also a tachometer, a timing retard and a boost pressure gauge plus a complete ladder of all of the adjustments. The Software can be downloaded free here:

Multi-Channel Boost Retard Control
PN 6562*

Multi-Channel BTM w/Fuel Adder
PN 6563*

Fuel Adder: When you're increasing boost pressures you're also upping the need for more fuel to properly mix with the additional air being forced into the engine. When pressures are really climbing, the factory fuel delivery map may not be able to keep up with the demand. MSD incorporated a Fuel Adder control into the Multi-Channel BTM, PN 6563, so you can compensate for the additional air. This system will drive up to four additional fuel injectors, either saturated or peak/hold design to increase the fuel by up to 50%!

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*Not for sale or use on pollution controlled vehicles.



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